A new artist in ARTS ITOYA (June 2018)

Alexis Hill (United States) Residency: June 2018

Alexis Hill is a printmaker based in Hanover, NH(New Hampshire) in the United States. She completed her Bachelor of the Arts at Dartmouth College in Middle Eastern Studies and Studio Art with a focus in printmaking in 2017 and now works in the Studio Art Department of her alma mater.

Alexis’ practice deals with interiors and the figure and how abstraction and layering relate to these forms and textures. She works primarily in woodblock, utilizing reduction techniques and both water and oil based inks.

During her residency period, the artist aims to explore how subtractive printmaking of observed interiors can dialogue with the aesthetic qualities of Japanese living and the concept of shibumi. She will focus on lived in spaces and the objects and figures that inhabit them. Alexis is particularly interested in visual compression of space through transparency and how objects are given weight through light and composition. She also hopes to further her knowledge of traditional Japanese woodblock techniques and explore local materials.