Liqing Tan (China) Exhibition

On the 26th-27th October 2019, Liqing Tan had an exhibition.


Hazy Fuzzy Muzzy

It is a mystery place where light hideaway. 

Things that been hidden may have another sense of reality. Turning the watercolor paintings into installation, and by using fishing line, potted tree, spotlight, the wall, the glass as equipment, she is transferring the space into a spider web. Covered by tracing paper and tape, within each painting, the veil brings mystery. Through the process of discovering, either pushing the paper to see more clear or directly open the page up, the viewers may seeing an artwork and imagining it in the same time. Concentrated on the feelings instead of directly observing the picture. The uncertainness relate the paintings to the viewer to their memory, their perspective of reading the truth, as well as a pure and rough enjoyment of the color and shapes.

This is an experimental series of watercolor paintings from her staying in Takeo, the impressive moments, the people, and the environment. 



Thank you Liqing!
We hope we can see you again in the near future!