Craig Martin Wood (UK) Exhibition

On the 25th-26th April 2020, Craig Martin Wood had an exhibition.


〜Artist message〜

Japan’s long history with Mokuhanga and Sōsaku-hanga was one of the reasons for my journey to the East. On the way I have come into contact with shrines, idols, mountains, forests, totems, mysterious moulded effigies made of stone, the flora and fauna and the art of hanafuda cards. Beautiful people, landscapes, and children born into chaos with hope and innocence in their eyes.

Itoshima’s shrines were full of bulls, horses and foxes (inari?), and it was there on my route to the sea where the local cat would come to pose for the camera.

Takeo’s shrines are full of stone buddhas wrapped in fabrics decorating the paths. The Enoji Temple has many stone sculptures with mystical forms scattered around the surrounding forest grounds. They stand reaching towards the heavens among the trees.

All of this and so much more has served as a starting point of these prints, some of which to me are more like sketches impregnated with ideas that will give birth to another generation of work in the future.

I am indebted to Studio Kura & Arts Itoya for their generosity, encouragement and kind hearts, and providing me with more than just a studio and home. A warm thanks to The Monkey Tree & company for providing not only the best coffee, but also their beautiful presence. Ichiro and Ai for so much fun in the music studio (my ears are sore but my memories are great). Thank you Takeo!


Thank you Craig!
We hope we can see you again in the near future.