CHO Minahの滞在制作発表「Green Harmony」: を開催いたします。

現在ARTS ITOYAで滞在制作中の韓国ア出身
CHO Minahの滞在制作発表「Green Harmony」: を開催いたします。

日時: 8月29日(火)‐30(水) 入場料無料
時間: 火曜日、水曜日17:00~20:30 ※29日18時30分よりアーティストトークを行います。



We are pleased to announce the exhibition presentation “Green Harmony” by CHO Minah, an artist from South Korea currently in residence at ARTS ITOYA.

Date: August 29th (Tuesday) – 30th (Wednesday) | Admission is free.
Time: Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM. An artist talk will be held at 6:30 PM on the 29th.

Below is a message from the artist:

I saw various plants in the garden like different houses that I find while
walking around the neighborhoods.
Plants that seem to emit blazing vitality, such as the heat of the summer
ground, and various green colors that stimulate the eyes, this resulting in a
peak growth.
The process of planting, growing, cutting, trimming, and harvesting in the
natural flow of withering and re-growing sprouts over time seems like a very
common and ordinary act, but through that process, we can meet various
emotions at the same time.
The joy of noticing the ever changing weather that gifts us with preciuos
results is the purest.
In this way, daily life with other beings is always influenced by exchanging
energy with each other.
Balance and harmony are achieved through our care for nature.
The green I met is considered a sign of that response that I saw it in every
corner of Takeo in August.