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現在ARTS ITOYAで滞在制作中のオランダ出身アーティスト、Mai Marie Choon Dijiksmaの滞在制作発表「Taping Time」を開催いたします。

現在ARTS ITOYAで滞在制作中のオランダ出身アーティスト、Mai Marie Choon Dijiksmaの滞在制作発表「Taping Time」を開催いたします。
日時 9月23日(金)、24日(土) 入場料無料
時間 金曜日11:00~17:00、 土曜日金曜日11:00~16:00 ※23日15時よりアーティストトークを行います。

Taping time

作品サイズ: 380 x 310 cm

14 日間のテーピング作業



Taping time

Size: 380 x 310 cm

14 days of taping

In the Japanese language there is a word for the void between two objects; ‘MA’ (間) The concept of ‘MA’ is continuously re-defined and not merely understood as empty or negative space, but instead as a space that contains life. My experience here has re-framed my understanding of ‘MA’, and I have come to realise that ‘MA’ cannot fully be rationalised through text but rather through a feeling of experiencing space. Biking around Itoshima and Takeo, and experiencing the ever changing surroundings and mountain landscape- I cannot explain this in words.

The installation that I made in Studio Takeo is also a surprise for myself. Being in Takeo, a city that I imagine was more lively in the past, and especially the area where the studio is. I started to tape the studio window/wall. Add layers of time on the wall, sometimes taping only 15 cm high in 8 hours. By doing this everyday you can experience the rhythm of the street. The drugstore opens, locals get their groceries, children pass by to go to school and back home again. Wrapping or taping something that is here, capturing a memory, leaving an imprint or even fossilising the space. These are the traces that I try to capture and by doing this action, influencing time and space and reimagining my relationship to ‘MA’.