Greta Edmondsonの滞在制作発表「Storytime」を開催いたします。

現在ARTS ITOYAで滞在制作中のオ-ストラリア出身アーティスト、Greta Edmondsonの滞在制作発表「Storytime」を開催いたします。
日時 9月23日(金)、24日(土) 入場料無料
時間 金曜日11:00~17:00、 土曜日金曜日11:00~16:00  ※23日15時よりアーティストトークを行います。
Storytime explores the concept of place as narrative, and how we transform from the observer of a story to a character within it.
In a concealed town enveloped by mountains, music plays in the streets at morning, noon and night, guiding you to your next activity. 
Brand mascots punctuate the landscape like silent characters, quietly cheering you on your journey, as you cycle past into the distance, towards the next unknown street. 
Slowly, you become accustomed to the town’s daily rhythms. You meet main characters, you learn their stories, you discover your own favourite things to do and places to go.
Ultimately, you find your place in the story of the town, and become another participating cast member. You’re surrounded by friends smiling back at you.