Justin Lee CK (Singapore) Residence: December 2018

Justin Lee was graduated from Master of Fine Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore/Goldsmiths University of London in 2016. He was nominated for the President’s Design Award and a recipient of the Mont Blanc Young Artist World Patronage Project in 2006, said: “I was inspired by found objects that are very familiar to all of us, such as tin cans and cardboard from local housing estates. I’m interested in examining these everyday things that surround our living spaces, especially things that are neglected by people or no longer of valid use. Through observation, recollection and objectification of these found objects, I uncover a sub-culture embedded in modern Singapore.”    

Justin is currently working on a series of motif, billboard and signage that was based on the discovery of sub-culture living in modern Japan has enable the artist to draw parallel of constructs from used/discarded objects/images to the study of people, history, contemporary culture, traditional family values that are present in their personal and social network. 


– Justin Lee’s website