Cora Mak (Hong Kong) Residence: May 2019

Cora Mak borns in Macau and currently lives in Hong Kong. A sculptor and painter who uses different mediums to express different ideas. Recent practice derives from images within her everyday life. Through her work, she wants to express the relationship between people and their environment and how it affects the people’s expression, gestures and appearances.

She has been creating artworks at her spare time. But she has decided to leave her current job and devoted more time on developing her art works. She would like to take this application as her first step to start getting inspired and hope she can create and share more of her works with others. She hope that she can explore different sides of Japanese culture during her stay and take in all the inspirations and present them in different forms of arts media. She going to show us her work mixture of paintings and clay.

Cora Mak