Susan Jablonski


ARTS ITOYAでの彼女の2度目の滞在中、スーザンは反応するよりも聴くことにより興味を持っています。彼女は35mmのカメラを持って武雄市内を自転車で回ったり、ランダムな物を一つずつ積み重ねたりして見つけることに興味があります。

Susan Jablonski is a Polish-American photographer currently based in Chicago. Working exclusively with analog photography, her work casts a sensitive eye towards navigating the unknown. Whether it be through still life compositions or diary-like snapshots, she is always looking to capture the subtle miracles of daily life.

During her second stay at Arts Itoya, Susan is more interested in listening than in reacting. You can find her biking around Takeo with her 35mm camera or stacking random objects on top of one another.