What kind of city Takeo is

Takeo is a kind of city that has beautiful nature and traditional things coexisting with urban things.

Takeo jinja – According to the ancient documents that Takeo shrine holdings, the primary chief priest of the Takeo shrine have had a God’s revelation. And then Takeo shrine was built at the foot of Mt. Mifuneyama in order to be this regions peace and calm.
Takeo city library – You will find many art books at the city library, 1 km away from Arts Itoya. There also is a book store and a coffee shop.

Takeo city library for kid – Placed on next to the Takeo city library
Shopping center placed across from the Takeo city library – You can buy what you need, there are supermarket, clothes shop, 1$ shop, electronics store, etc. There’s a fabric shop also, so you can buy canvas(needed painting gesso on it) or any other kind.