Saga city

Saga city is far from Arts Itoya(Takeo city) around 30min. by train. (560円 for one way ticket)

  • Saga (佐賀市 Saga-shi) is the capital city of Saga Prefecture, located on the island of Kyushu, Japan.

Saga was the capital of Saga Domain in the Edo period, and largest city of former Hizen Province.

First impression of Saga was antique city from the various shapes of buildings and shops.

Also you can see a scene, being harmonized with nature, people and life.


Every fall Saga holds the “Saga International Balloon Fiesta” in the dry riverbed of the Kase River. A quarter of the visitors are from Saga. The number of visitors was about 15 million in 2005. Hot air balloonists from many countries enter this event.