Susan Jablonski (United of States of America) Exhibition

Susan Jablonski had solo exhibition on 26th-27th January 2019.

Susan Jablonski is a Chicago, Illinois based fine art photographer. She is currently pursuing her BFA in Photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received the Presidential Merit Scholarship and admittance to the Scholars Program. Her work has been featured in a recent group exhibition and annual departmental publication.

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-About exhibition-

Gazes peer through fragmented screens of human containment.

Past the floral laces, the shimmering panels; reside the hazy abstractions of domesticity. 

Windows are versatile metaphors. They are what they serve.

A barrier between different worlds; that of spectator and of spectated.

A concise framing of the internalized individual against the regimented notions of externality.

But unlike a wall—whose partition is definite—a window is not as clear. 

Within its nuance, it reveals not only the impression of separation, but its futility as well. 

During her exhibition, we had a collagraph prints work shop for children. Some kids from neighbor and their parents joined the work shop and we all enjoyed that together.


Arts Itoya studio has a huge window which can get a lot of sunlights. Susan showed us  great work using sunlights, shadows and reflections which make her work different look at different angles.

Thank you Susan, hope see you in near future!