Marina Hsiao Shan Pu (Taiwan) Residence: February 2019

Ms Marina H. S. Pu is a filmmaker, TV director, and scholar based in Taiwan. She has worked as an independent filmmaker and artist in Europe and Asia. Currently, she is a full-time assistant professor in the multi-media design department of Takming University of Science and Technology in Taipei,Taiwan.

Marina obtained a BA degree in Fine Arts from National Taipei University of Arts, and an MA degree in filmmaking from the University of Edinburgh, UK (2008).

She has worked in the Film/TV industry in Taiwan, South Korea, and China since 2004. Over this time, she has collaborated on projects in various European countries, such as the UK, Germany, and Lithuania. Her films have been selected for several international film festivals and solo/group exhibitions at culture centres, galleries, and cinemas in Taiwan, Japan, England, France, and Italy.

Her current film projects are the documentary Disquiet Identity and Pahari”, which are based in Japan and the Indian Himalaya, respectively.

You can watch her previous works as below.