Cary Fagan (The United States of America) Exhibition

Cary Fagan had exhibition on 27th-28th April 2019.



Freedom is not knowing what’s ahead of the path, but still moving forward.

Foreign surroundings inspired him to take a risk; to express himself through new mediums; writing is something that peaked his interest, seeing words with silence sometimes means more than hearing them. He wrote six poems, documenting his thoughts, feelings and fears; this is what he came up with. He started teaching himself Japanese for about five months out of curiosity

The mayor of takeo city came by to see the exhibition and the mayor gave to Cary original Takeo T-shirt! 


In order to stack chairs you need more than one chair; in order to build dreams you need the support of people around you. the trouser and suit jacket was obtained in japan- this is his version of a self portrait.


Our focus is disconnecting from the everyday routine we often find ourselves in and sharing your time with others in a meaningful way. These puzzles can be a conversation starter or a break from reality. Overall, there are no rules. Challenge yourself; disconnect” do it in groups if you have the “time”, all we ask is that you share your feedback, we’d love to hear to hear about your experience.

Thank you for Cary Fagan showed us great work, we hope can see you in near future again!