Taishi Kamiya (Japan) Exhibition

Taishi Kamiya had an exhibition on the 27th-28th April 2019.


“Porcelain – Magnetism”

Porcelain is made using pottery stone, which is a special product of the area. Magnetism is a characteristic of magnets that attracts iron. These two things seemed to be unrelated, however Kamiya figured out that they were deeply connected through a survey here in Takeo.

Porcelain creates a metallic sound, which is clearer than pottery. In this area many wind chimes are produced, Kamiya takes advantage of this feature. However, there are only limited sounds and no variety because wind chimes are made in molds. In this work, the porcelain bowl is divided, the sound is divided, the magnet is moved using the property of passing magnetism, and the movement generates a sound by colliding with the porcelain. The sound that is generated is very small, but when you start focusing on the sound and focusing on the movement, the sound will gradually become audible.

It consists of a watch and a mirror attached to a window, and a porcelain sandwiched by magnets. The mirror shows the relationship between porcelain and space while slowly reflecting the movement space.

In the large-scale work, Kamiya took up Gaishi(insulator). Insulators have high electrical insulation, and even when they are applied tens of thousands of volts, current does not flow, but they have the property of passing magnetism. In this work, a current of about several amperes is applied to the wire wound around the ladder, and a magnetic field is generated through the ladder.

Kamiya also took us for a “Sound work shop” around Takeo Onsen and the Sakura mountain. We found a regional sound different from the one we usually listen to.

Thank you Kamiya-san! He showed us great work even in his short stay. We hope we can see you again in the near future!