Cora Mak (Macau) Exhibition

On the 25th-26th May 2019, Cora Mak had an exhibition.



The collection of Cora Mak’s paintings are featuring Yokai. Yokai is supernatural monsters or spirits which can be in any forms or appearances, so it gives unlimited room for creativity.  In her works, she tried to use a combination of bright colors which gives a fantasy look and using very simple lines to give a sense of imitation of childrens drawings and mix different media in one work.  Color combination is one of the major element which catches her attention and thats one of the reason for the colors she used in her works.  

When she is observing the surroundings, she is always imagining there will be a Yokai hiding in the environment, observing us. And thats how she develop the image of Yokai, with the patterns and texture she see from the surroundings and from that, she try to build a world that is undeniably separate from the one we live.  Its like creating her own wonderland where all kind of Yokai exist.