Liqing Tan (China) Residence: October 2019

Liqing has a MFA in Fine Art Painting from the UCL Slade School of Fine Art (2018) and a BA in Fine Art from Indiana University Of Bloomington (2015). Her recent exhibitions include, As I Recall, Studio darte Cannaviello Gallery, Milan, Italy, VARIETIES OF DISTURBANCE, SHELF London, Prologue, Offshoot Gallery, London, UK  (2019), Dentons art prize, Dentons 1 Fleet Place, London, New Horizons Young Talents Exhibition, Coast Gallery, Zhuhai, China (2018), Future Echoes, Museum of Refugees, Thessaloniki, Greece (2017).


The mystery of visualizing body as landscape and landscape as body leads her to think of the unique forms in figures the same time may display as giant landscape. Zooming into a specific gesture, or connecting the body part with the surroundings, or turning a landscape into a shape of body part in order to create something new are one part of the concepts she has been working on. Creating an unreality space or capture a dramatic moment are important elements of her works as well.

By using vague and ambiguous way to paint, she is thinking to express a kind of contemporary psychology, the influence of the subjectivity of judging things. The opposition and coexistence of conflict feelings in human affection, the direct and contradictory of inner mind and outward language, the obedience and escape within society and relationship. 

These are series of oil paintings of daily routine. An ambiguous story line about things appear and disappear, intimacy and separation, missing and forgetting, discovering and reflecting, getting closer and getting far away, focusing and diverging. It is about record, speculation, imagination, and recreation. 

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