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Shilpi Deb (Kenya) Exhibition

On the 22nd-23rd February 2020, Shilpi Deb had an exhibition.



CHA! is a group of mixed media works by a tea-addict that pays tribute to tea. It is inspired by the different types of tea, their flavours, the vessels we drink them in and the patterns and textures of those vessels. Apart from that, CHA! also explores the less tangible qualities of tea, how it heals, energizes, calms and comforts us. It’s power to not only create new memories but to also act as cues, reminding us of memories past and all the people we have ever shared a cup of cha with, elevates CHA! from a drink to an Experience.



CHA is a happy habit in my home and some of my most favourite people are tea addicts, my grandfather would drink 12 plus cups of cha a day and my mother comes in at close second. Cha is our welcome- drink, our goodbye- drink and most of all our could you stay a little longer- drink. It is a fits all situations kind of drink. The two countries I call home are big on Cha- culture, not only do Kenyans and Indians love their Cha, but they also grow some of the tastiest tea in the world.


So naturally I was happy to be welcomed by the abundance of Japanese Cha culture EVERYWHERE. The welcome drink I received when I reached the home in Takeo, the tastiest cup of Ocha made by the uncle at the tea factory who went out of his way to teach me the right way to make and drink tea, the small tea shops present on almost every street and the vending machines with their never ending supply of hot Cha.


Cha is simple yet complex and remarkable, it’s a drink worth paying homage to.


Thank you Shilpi!
We hope we can see you again in the near future.