Craig Martin Wood (Denmark) Residence: April 2020

Craig Martin Wood is predominantly a self-taught multi disciplinary artist working within visual arts and sound. After completing some courses including a Diploma in Fine Arts, he focused mainly on drawing, painting and playing the drums with various acts.


During the past six years Wood moved into curating and teaching workshops after a period of focusing primarily on printmaking, whilst simultaneously teaching himself various instruments for sound recording projects under the name Henry the Rabbit.


Many exhibitions and concerts have been made under the pseudonym Henry the Rabbit. Religious symbolism, the occult, folk and outsider art play a large part informing the imagery with influences in Eastern and Western art history and printmaking.


At Arts itoya, the project intended will include Japanese woodblock printing influences, from traditional Mokuhanga and Sōsaku-hanga movements whilst incorporating his own roots and visual obsessions. Bringing these elements together using the method of linoleum printmaking, the intention is to allow the materials to be dictated by the studio, their environment, and any unknown elements that might dictate the final pieces.

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