Herman van den Muijsenberg

Herman van den Muijsenbergさん(オランダ)
In April, we are pleased to introduce our artist-in-residence, Herman van den Muijsenberg (The Netherlands).
Herman is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on sound and installation art. He is intrigued by the transformative processes of sound and its associative and formal characteristics. His work combines field recordings, synthesized sounds, and electro-acoustic machines to create immersive installations that explore the relationship between sound and meaning.
With a keen interest in the sonic qualities of materials, Herman investigates the sounds produced by various materials such as wood and porcelain. He is also fascinated by the affordances of materials and the ways in which movement can create sound.
Herman is involved in organizing performance nights at the experimental art space ‘Extrapool’ in Nijmegen, creating drawings, and curating exhibitions. He has made music for yoga and has even performed for an audience of primarily cats. His explorations extend to the sonic qualities of seaweed and the role of sound in public spaces.
Join us in welcoming Herman van den Muijsenberg as our artist-in-residence this April and look forward to his unique explorations and contributions to the art community.