Rosa Ronsdorf



Rosa Ronsdorf (1988) is a sound-artist and musician based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is fascinated by the endless possibilities of sound, sonic meditations, time travelling, feminist sound waves, eco-emphatic listening, witches.. to name just a few. Her work takes shape in performances, records, tapes, installations and publications. In her work she makes use of her voice, analogue synthesizers, poetry, field recordings, reel-to-reel tape and processed samples.

While at ArtsItoya she aims to listen to the mountains that surround Takeo. Soft, round and fierce, they look like giant turtles who could stand up at any time and start the conversation. She is currently befriending the one behind the residency house who is welcoming her on her morning walk in an invisible embrace of sound and guiding her home, every time she gets lost on her bike at the end of the day.