Irene Berdine de Boer



昨月、彼女は福岡県糸島市のスタジオクラ(ファブラボ)で隠れたエネルギーチェーンと音の遷移を探り、無線周波数や野生動物のコミュニケーション、パターン作成の研究を行いました。彼女のプレイリスト「Connecting on Frequencies」は、SEA Foundation Tilburgによって公開され、Soundcloudで聴くことができます。また、彼女はここ佐賀県武雄市のアーツイトヤで「min[d]ing crystals」というプロジェクトを行う予定です。


Irene Berdine de Boer (1994, Delfzijl) works and lives in Amsterdam. She completed her Master of Arts in Painting at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen in 2018 and extended her studies with stays at CalArts: California Institute of the Arts and Otis College of Art and Design in the USA.

Last November I worked in the city of Itoshima and its rural surroundings in the Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan @studiokura (fablab) and will continue my projects at the sister Residency @artsitoya in Takeo, Saga Prefecture in December. At Studio Kura, I focused on detecting and archiving hidden energy chains and sound transitions. The fieldwork included research on radio frequencies, wildlife communication, and pattern-making while working with the local community. The playlist: ‘Connecting on Frequencies’ is published by SEA Foundation Tilburg (NL), and can be listened to on Soundcloud. It consists of a collection of stories and documents about collecting frequencies in various ways and making successful two-way connections.

At Arts Itoya, I will be continuing my ongoing project called: ‘min[d]ing crystals, which explores how crystals can bridge the interaction of organisms, within the aspect of the human body (such as the brain and the liver) and large networks such as economy and culture: an ecological study on artificiality and the ‘natural’. I will research various forms of radiation and heat concerning the human body, both constructive and deconstructive: from enzyme baths (Hikari no Shizuku), and onsens, to research on radioactivity and inflammation.…/