Marieke Peeters



Marieke Peeters (b.1997) is a visual artist from The Netherlands. She creates immersive installations, sculptures, and films that combine intensive material research with performance. In her artistic practice she is dedicated to creating a form of expanded cinema, often taking the shape of a tableau vivant. Informed by horror as a cinematic genre and construct, her works navigate the balance between horror as aesthetic effect and generative force.

At Arts Itoya she looks closer at Japanese storytelling traditions and kaiki eiga. The term kaiki eiga can be translated as ‘weird films’. Kaiki eiga can be related to the western cinematic tradition of the ‘gothic’, but are distinctly different since they were made through a theatrical lens and often used tricks and techniques of the Kabuki theater. Marieke will research this early cinematic genre to create new work during her time at Arts Itoya.

Photo 1 by Anne Schoemaker

Photo 2 by Pieter Kers

Photo 7 by Maarten Boswijk