Ida Dorthea Thorrud

Ida Dorthea Thorrud (b. 1994) works with great concentration and sensibility in a process of personal research into the intersection of desire, power and image making. Her investigations are often rooted in the private realm, however never seem to confine themselves within their own logics, but formally engage in discussions of the politics of image making and representation.
She is always attentive to the inherent cultural meanings and poetics of materials and the assemblage/arrangements of materials in her installations and the relationships that she creates between these materials in her works. And her camera works clearly show an interest in questions of gender, representation, power, desire and the violent properties that also exist within working with photography and video as a medium.
During her residency at Arts Itoya she will engage with her surroundings through her photographic work and explore Japanese flower theory, along with the history of clay and porcelain that the area is known for.