Zoey Yang


As a fine artist, Zoey Yang (b. 2002) values the employment of colours to create atmospheric moods throughout her artistic practice, with an emphasis on the use of different shades of red, a colour that closely represents her passion for the personal and cultural issues addressed in her works.

The process of making art, therefore, seeks to find a resolution in the stress-inducing disparity between Yang’s first-hand experience as a woman and her feminist blueprint of a gender-equal society.

In addition to colours, Yang also values the specificity of individual materials and the emotions they are able to evoke in the audience. Currently, combining latex glue and cloth dominates her method of work, as this fusion results in a texture resembling human skin, which places a spotlight on the human-related nature of the themes she addresses.

Aside from her interest in installation and performance works, Yang is a draughtswoman who is familiar with media such as Indian Ink and acrylic paint.

During this residency, she intends to primarily experiment with the local material, clay, exploring its potential to combine with previously established skills. She is also intrigued by the uniqueness of what the Japanese collectivistic society entails, especially how gender roles act out within a family, particularly in the inherently feminine kitchen space.