Anouk Van Hooydonk



現在、アヌークは日本の佐賀県武雄市にあるARTS ITOYAでレジデンスに参加しています。レジデンス期間中に、彼女は自身の実践を進化させ、変容させることを目指しています。彼女は、日本の文化や風景を探求し、彫刻のための異なる材料を実験し、写真を通じてその経験を捉えています。このレジデンスは、現代の日本のアーティストについて学ぶ機会でもあります。

Anouk Van Hooydonk (b. 1991) is a Belgian visual mixed media artist and designer. She is fuelled by the wonders of nature, the capacity of the human mind and body to organise it’s environment and the interplay between healing and harm. Based in Ghent, the Belgian artist works between the fields of drawing, print, illustration, painting, installation, land art, film requisites, poetry as well as mixed media sculpture.

She is drawn to discarded materials and found objects to create her art, paying close attention to textures and how materials fit together. Sculptural elements reflect an attentiveness to the possibilities of materials and their associated processes.

Currently, Anouk is on a residency in Takeo, Japan, at Arts Itoya. Anouk Van Hooydonk aims to evolve and transform her practice during her residency in Takeo at Arts Itoya. She’s exploring Japanese culture and landscapes, experimenting with different materials for her sculptures, and capturing her experiences through photography. This residency is also an opportunity for her to learn about contemporary Japanese artists.