イダ・シモーネ Ida-Simone(1995年生まれ)は、人体とその複雑な関係、さらには体の物語を取り巻く社会政治的問題や環境問題に対する好奇心に駆り立てられるデンマーク出身のビジュアルミックスメディアアーティスト兼デザイナーです。アムステルダムを拠点とするこのデンマークのアーティストは、テキスタイルアートとデザイン、ファッションデザイン、フローラルデザイン、大規模なセラミック彫刻、そしてミックスメディアの彫刻といった分野の間で作業を行っています。



Ida-Simone (b. 1995) is a Danish visual mixed media artist and designer that is fuelled by a curiosity of the human body and its entanglements and the sociopolitical issues as well as environmental issues that arise around the narrative of the body. Based in Amsterdam, the Danish artist works between the fields of textile art and design, fashion design, floral design, large scale ceramic sculptures as well as mix media sculptures.

Her practice centres around exploring exploring the concept of art and design, where they meet and where they differ. Her focus evolves around creating with discarded materials, found objects, deadstock yarn and textiles or other reclaimed materials in addition to clay. She is drawn to vivid colours, unexpected combinations, textures and large, undefined shapes.

Ida-Simone aims to evolve her practice during her residency in Takeo at Arts Itoya, with traditional knowledge of ceramics, porcelain and kiln practices known to the Saga Prefecture. She aims to work with said history and explore the properties of many materials through miniature sculpture and collecting found elements.