Alice Ford

Alice Fordは建築を専攻した後、西オーストラリア州ワヤラップという場所で制作活動をしています。彼女は絵画、ドローイング、コラージュ、そして文章を書くことを通して、自身の創作世界を作っています。創作活動のため、アーカイヴや現場観察もします。
AliceさんはStudio Kuraに先月末まで、そして今月ARTS ITOYAで制作、発表を行う予定です。

Alice is an Artist and recent Architectural Graduate based in Whadjuk Noongar Country, Walyalup, Western Australia. She uses archival research and site observation to depict and investigate the world through painting, drawing, collage and writing.
Growing up, Alice always watched her mother, an architect, draw all of her projects by hand besides her stand-up drawing board. Encouraged during architecture school to switch to digital drawing, Alice focused on designing by hand and maintained her connection to analog design techniques inspired by her mother’s process.

Since graduating, she has continued art and architecture from her studio as a solo practitioner, working on several projects with other architects, designers, artists, and community organisations within the South West of Australia. Later this year, a book of her paintings will be published in collaboration with other artists on the South West Australian Forests, an area of biodiverse significance where Alice grew up.

Her curiosity in areas of biodiverse significance inspired her trip to Biodiversity Hotspot Japan, where she will work across multiple cities and rural areas for several months, exploring the art of living in these areas.