Silvia Husek 

シルヴィア・フセックは、ブラジルのサンパウロを拠点に活動する写真家である。過去3年間、「Fragments of Nepal」というドキュメンタリーシリーズと「To live is to die」という実験的写真シリーズに取り組んでいる。「To live is to die “は、彼女の肉体的な老化について語るシリーズで、自撮りしたポートレートをプリントし、凍結、燃焼、縫製、錆などの技術やジェスチャーを混ぜたハイブリッド写真を使っている。



Silvia Husek is a photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil. For the last three years she has been working in a documentary series called “Fragments of Nepal” as well as in an experimental photography series called “To live is to die”. “To live is to die” is a series that talk about her physical aging, she uses hybrid photography, so she prints her selfie portraits and mix them with some technique or gesture, like freezing, burning, sewing, rust and etc.

Hybrid photography is a way that Silvia finds to express her sensibilities, trying to construct a dialogue with the spectator.

She has just finished a pos graduation on photography.