CHO Minah

CHO Minah(1986年生まれ)は韓国で東洋画を専攻し、絵画を主な媒体として使用しています。ソウルを拠点に、彼女はいくつかの個展、グループ展、プロジェクトに参加してきました。

CHO Minahは、社会の重なる関心事と、それらから生じる様々な状況に関心があります。対立、分裂、連帯が同時に生じる現実において、彼女は観察者あるいは内部の人間の視点から、個々人が示す態度や価値観の変化を見ています。彼女は、キャラクターや象徴によって作り出されるあいまいな状況を再構築し、現在についての反省としてキャンバス上に描き出します。


CHO Minah (b.1986) majored in oriental painting in Korea and uses painting as her main
medium. Based in Seoul, she has participated in several solo exhibitions, group exhibitions,
and projects.

CHO Minah is interested in society’s overlapping interests and the various situations that
originate within them. In a reality where conflict, division, and solidarity occur
simultaneously, she looks at changes in attitudes and values shown by individuals from the
perspective of either observers or insiders reconstructing the ambiguous situations created
by the characters and symbols on the canvas as a reflection on the present.

Recently, she has been interested in the feelings of relationships with others and caring for
their surroundings, and our current minds in their daily lives.