Sun Mee Kang



My works convey the stories of the society to which we belong. In detail, it shows our
desires in life, which are becoming uniform without individuality. I use images to represent
social phenomena and depict them through spaces. The main material in my work for
drawing installation is adhesive vinyl. At the end of the exhibition, all of these materials are
removed and discarded except one for my own record. On the adhesive side of the
remaining material, the white paint from the wall of the exhibition place becomes one with
the black sheet, leaving a unique pattern. Like keeping the DNA of the place, it creates a

new pattern each time in accordance to the exhibition place. These traces are the time-
image of the previous existence that disappeared. I always focus on the circular

relationship between things that still exist, even if something has disappeared.

My work steadily studies places and spaces, and implements images symbolizing social
phenomena into space by line drawing. This is characterized by a method of
reconstructing the space of reality into a space of ideas and a new space through line
drawing. It connects the context of real society to places and spaces and solves them
through space installation work.