Roos Pollmann

Roos Pollmann (別名ROOSPEEE)は、エレクトロニックミュージックとイマーシブインスタレーションアートを専門とするマルチディシプリナリーアーティストです。
ソロアーティストとしての活動に加えて、マルチディシプリナリーアートコレクティブQuestions Collectiveの一員であり、音楽、サウンドアート、コミュニティアートなど、さまざまなコラボレーションに参加しています。

Arts Itoya滞在中は、周辺の山や森、寺院を探索し、休息、睡眠、音(特にバイノーラルビーツ)が人間の脳に与える影響について調べています。

“Roos Pollmann (aka ROOSPEEE) is a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on electronic music and immersive installation art.
She makes work that evolves around world building and ritual and often invite the public into a soft, pastel colored, soothing universe where one can find release and/or reconnection with ourselves, each other or something non-human. She works (depending on the subject and project) with different media from electronic music and ambient sound design to performance, textiles, ceramics, poetry, paintings and colorful pencil drawings. In her work she is inspired by the aesthetics of early electronic music, New Age, spirituality, Outsider Art and art made by kids.
Next to her solo art practice she is part of the multidisciplinary art collective Questions Collective and is part of multiple collaborations in music, sound art and community art.

While in Arts Itoya she is exploring the surrounding mountains, forests and temples and reading about rest, sleep, the effect of sound (and specifically binaural beats) on the human brain. Inspired by this she will make a new musical piece with field recordings and synthesised sounds.”