Ruby Jean Wilby



Ruby Jean Wilby is a mixed media painter, illustrator and storyteller from the U.K. Her work explores a curiosity for the connection between humanity and the natural world and is often a response to worldly issues such as the Climate Crisis. As an animation graduate, Ruby holds a strong interest for storytelling which she displays in her work through the focus on avatars interacting with fantastical environments. Expression through colour and texture plays a large role in her process and she is constantly seeking growth in her artwork through exploring new styles, techniques and subject matters. She finds inspiration from artists such as Miyazaki Hayao and Kudo Makiko.

Whilst in Arts Itoya Ruby is discovering great inspiration from the local nature; exploring insect life, forest hikes and Shinto shrines. She looks forward to creating a selection of mixed media paintings that translate to her experiences in Japan whilst exploring the idea of the spirit of life embodied within the human experience.