Justin Lee CK (Singapore) Exhibition

Justin Lee had solo exhibition on 14th-15th December 2018.



People experience residency in many ways. Justin Lee wish to take the opportunity to live and work outside of his usual environments, providing a time to reflect, research, or produce  different work in his life.

He is interested to look at how people dress, eat and play in Takeo and hope to share a new perspective on what he had experienced in the context of art and life.

Justin Lee exhibition featuring a new video work based on the idea of home where you can find different light under the roof of a Japanese house.

He also collected some design from shopping carriers to reflect upon what are the things that Japnese people consumed in Takeo Saga prefecture, Japan. He would like the audience to enjoy his works the way they live their life as, Simplicity.


~About Justin Lee~

Justin Lee was graduated from Master of Fine Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore/Goldsmiths University of London in 2016. He was nominated for the Presidents Design Award and a recipient of the Mont Blanc Young Artist World Patronage Project in 2006, said: I was inspired by found objects that are very familiar to all of us, such as tin cans and cardboard from local housing estates. Im interested in examining these everyday things that surround our living spaces, especially things that are neglected by people or no longer of valid use. Through observation, recollection and objectification of these found objects, I uncover a sub-culture embedded in modern Singapore.    

– Justin Lees website