Residence house of Arts Itoya

This is the house of Arts Itoya for artists. It’s a big Japanese traditional house surrounded by mountains. We’re going to give you a tour inside of house!




-Terrace (laundry hanging space)


-Living room

There are Kotatsu table, TV, speaker and DVD player.


-First Rooms in downstairs

Japanese tatami room with futon, next to entrance and living room .


-Second room in downstairs

This room has a bed, big windows and small balcony for hanging laundry but no closet.


-Third room in downstairs

Tatami room with a bed and couch. Next to the kitchen.


-Bathroom (only downstairs)

There are laundry machine, hair dryer and towels.


-Toilet (only downstairs)


-Kitchen in downstairs

There are fridge, rice cooker, toaster, oven, small food storage box and enough dishes.


-Fourth room in upstairs

Tatami room with futon. This room is bigger than others, it suit for couple and family.


We have four rooms and one bathroom and toilet. All private room have air conditioners but not in common room (kitchen and living room). All room have pros and cons so please let me know if you have any request about the room. We’re looking for seeing a lot of artists!