Cai Jun Lee (Singapore) Residence: April to May 2019

Cai Jun Lee received her Master of Art in Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College of Art (2012). She completed a Diploma with distinction from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a major in ceramic and minor study in sculpture in 2006, under the scholarship from Singapore National Arts Council. She is a multidisciplinary visual artist who works with sculpture, ceramic, installation, illustration and photography.

Cai Jun has received numerous grants to attend artist residencies in Tokoname, Fujioka and Hungary. Her works had been published in magazines and newspapers and has participated in various art events, exhibitions and activities in Singapore, Japan and Scotland.

Being drawn to the world of narratives and their anthropological influences, Cai Jun adapts the connecting element, symbolical imagery and motif, revised and creates narrative with modern day interpretations. Her works aim to blur the perceptual boundaries between object and space.

– Cai Jun Lee’s website


Her works usually surround between nature, cultural anthropological influence and geographical environment. She is drawn to the ancient hot spring history of the Takeo town and the giant Camphor tree. Saga Prefecture is well known for their porcelain and ceramic which She has a deep interest in as a ceramist. She wished to understand more about the culture arts and environment around Takeo and incorporate them with her work. She is proposing a site-specific installation project and to create a thematic space at Arts Itoya. She like the layout and the full-length window panels at the studio and intend to utilize them by allowing natural sunlight as part the installation space. Specializes in ceramic, sculpture, mixed-medium installation and illustration, She is open to all types of mediums and preferably hope to use local materials. Below is a draft sketch proposal, changes will be make accordingly after learning more about the culture, history and environment around Takeo town.