Kathryn Naylor




Kathryn Naylor is a painter from Toronto, Canada. Over the years she has worked

extensively with various drawing and painting mediums, and during this residency she

is focussing on watercolour.

“Most recently, I have been working with watercolours on various types of washi, and

would like to continue developing new techniques for a larger collection of works. Some

of the washi artworks can be seen here: https://www.kathrynnaylor.com/latest-

works (and elsewhere in my website).

Takeo is a different and unfamiliar setting for me, and it’s a different experience to be in

Japan as a working artist instead of a tourist. A residency can be a time to experiment;

new impressions may influence the artistic practice. Much of the work will involve

paying attention and observing this environment. And welcoming the inspiration.”