Ju-An Hsieh


ARTS ITOYAでのレジデンス中、謝珺安は「神聖な植物」に焦点を当てます。彼女は武雄の神社の森や佐賀県の山々からの画像や音を捉えて作品を制作します。植物の世界の光と音を使って、彼女は人間、植物、精霊の間に精神的な空間を広げています。

Ju-An Hsieh was born in Taiwan. She is a visual artist who graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld

Academie in Amsterdam. Ju-An often uses photography, moving images, and sound as media for

her creations. Recently, she has been exploring the "liquid" and "fluid" characteristics among all

living beings. The fluidity she refers to transcends many themes, including the boundaries of the

body and mind, gender, history, perception of reality, the subconscious, and mythology.

During her residency at Arts Itoya, the artist focused on "sacred plants." She created works by

capturing images and sounds from the forests of shrines in Takeo City and the mountains of Saga

Prefecture. Using the light and sound in the world of plants, she extends a spiritual space between

humans, plants, and spirits.